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Islamique Magazine Online | May 26, 2019

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The Hajj of Our Pious Forebears

The Hajj of Our Pious Forebears


Where better to look for inspiration than to the great companions of the Prophet (SAW), the early generations and pious scholars?


Some people from among the tribe of Kutama came once to Sa’doon al-Khawlani at a place called Munastir, and explained a certain incident to him. They told him that some people from the tribe killed a certain person and then tried to burn his body. For the whole night they left the corpse to burn in a fire they made, but it would not burn, and in fact remained as white and unburned as ever. When Sa’doon heard about the body that would not burn, he said: “The man must have performed three pilgrimages”. The people replied, “He has indeed.” Thereupon Sa’doon said: “I have been told that, whoever performs one Hajj, he has fulfilled his obligation to Allah; whoever performs two pilgrimages he has given Allah a debt and whoever performs three pilgrimages, for him Allah has prohibited the fire from burning his skin and his hair.” (Al-Shifaa)


‘Ali Ibn al-Hussain: when he went for Hajj, he went yellow, began to tremble and was unable to say ‘labbayk’. Someone asked him, ‘won’t you say labbayk?’ He said, ‘I fear that I will say labbayk and He will say ‘laa labbayk (‘your presence is not welcome’). When he did say labbayk, he fainted and fell from his ride. His state remained somewhat like this until right until he completed his hajj.


Ibn Muwaffaq said: “I have performed more than fifty pilgrimages, and every time, I have prayed that the reward be granted to the Messenger of Allah (SWT), the rightly guided caliphs and my parents.” (Rawdur Rayyaheen)


Ibn Muwaffaq says: “I have performed Hajj numerous times on behalf of the Messenger of Allah (SWT). Once, the Messenger of Allah (SWT) appeared in my dream and said: “O Ibn Muwaffaq, did you perform Hajj on my behalf?”

I replied: “Yes Messenger of Allah (SAW).”

The Messenger of Allah (SWT) said: “and did you recite Labbaik on my behalf?” I replied: “Yes O Messenger of Allah (SWT).” The Messenger of Allah (SWT) then said: “On the Day of Judgment I shall repay you in full. On that day I shall take your hand and take you into paradise while the rest of the people will continue to be reckoned and called to account.” (Ithaaf)


Karz bin Wabra was a saintly man who used to perform seventy tawaafs every day and the same number every night, which was equal to the walking of about 30 miles daily. After every tawaaf he performed the normal two rakahs salat. This means he performed (apart from his obligatory prayers and sunan) two hundred and eighty rak’ahs. Apart from that he also completed two full recitations of the Holy Qur’aan daily.




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