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Islamique Magazine Online | July 7, 2020

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Same Yet Different (Poem)

Same Yet Different (Poem)

We’re all the same, yet we’re all different
If we’re different, we’re original
If we’re original, we can make things happen
If it happens, we can be thankful
If we’re thankful, we can obtain
If we obtain, we can live
If we live, we can speak
If we speak, we should do
If we do, we should do right
If we’re right, its harder to go wrong
If we’re wrong, we should seek help
If we help, we can become stronger
If we’re stronger, we can do more
If we do more, we should be sincere
If we’re sincere, we can succeed
If we succeed, we can go higher
If we go higher, its easier to fall
If we fall, we can get back up
If we get back up, we do it together
If we do it together, we can create peace
If there’s peace, we can put together the pieces
If we put it together, it all makes sense
If it makes sense, we can see the truth
If we find the truth, we can listen to it
If we listen, we can learn
If we learn, we can educate
If we educate, we can rise
If we rise, no one can stop us
If we stop, we can prepare to fail
If we fail, we’ve failed to prepare
If we prepare, we can build
If it’s built, we’ve left foundations
If there’s foundations, the youth will benefit
If they benefit, they can do the same
If they do the same, they can settle the differences
If we settle down, we can forget the past
If we pass our knowledge, we can pass on light
If we take it lightly, we’ve made a mistake
If a mistake is made, we’re only human
If we’re human, then you are my brother
If we’re human, then you are my sister
If you’re my brother or if you’re my sister, it means we’re the same
Because at the end of the day..we’re all the same yet we’re all different.


By Shabbir Hassan



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