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Islamique Magazine Online | November 24, 2020

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Our Martyrs (Poem)

Our Martyrs (Poem)

We hear you in Bangladesh, we hear you in Libya

We hear you in Gaza, we hear you in Syria

We hear you in Egypt, we hear you in Bahrain

We hear you Afghanistan, we hear you Tunisia.

We hear you around the world in all of the countries

Brutally massacred and you can’t even run free

The tyrants will torture and now it’s getting crazier

From the streets of Asia to the sands of Arabia.

Blood is not cheap but the blood keeps spilling

Blood on their hands yet the puppets keep killing

If they feared God then this wouldn’t really happen

West Bank to Tripoli, they’re following a pattern.

Thousands are murdered before it’s even settled

The people fight back and they’re labelled as rebels

They’re labelled as terrorists when all they have is pebbles

God is on their side and they’re fighting the Devil.

It’s true that these leaders have caused enough pain

Power to the people, it’ll happen one day

You haven’t got power, God’s the One who sustains

I’m just saying, all they’ve left behind are bloodstains.

Whatever really happens, God is always with them

I wish I could stand up and make a difference

They’ve left this world and we will all miss them

The leaders don’t care and they never did then.

So many families are left in dismay

Millions have died right up to this day

I’m sick of it, we can’t carry on this way

The least we can do right now is pray.

This is serious so I had to address it

These so called ‘leaders’ are always oppressive

Everybody knows that the answer is freedom

The real question is: when will we get it?


By Shabbir Hassan

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