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Islamique Magazine Online | February 26, 2020

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My Journey to Islam

My Journey to Islam

Coming from a non-religious background, I find myself in a unique position as being a practising Muslim of Iranian ethnicity is in itself very rare due to the issues that occur in Iran which cause many like my own family to leave Islam or become non practising.

I remember being brought up with ‘freedom’, and this ‘freedom’ allowed me to find Allah or rather Allah found me which I am forever grateful for. I began thinking about religion at the age of 16 even though my parents were (non-practising) Muslims.

I considered myself as an agnostic, and as time went by I just thought to myself; all this work and struggle, what is the point if I am going to die and nothing is going to happen?’ As a result, I made the right decision but in the wrong way i.e. I followed my family who are not very practising, but as I continued to practise I realised my wrong and corrected it with research to convince myself and ease my heart to the truth of Islam.

As time went by, my general knowledge of Islam grew and so did my Imaan. But although I practise Islam, my family doesn’t, and as a result it can be difficult to talk to them about Islam. This is due to their past experiences of what they think Islam is, but in reality this perception is because of politicians using religion and twisting it to benefit them.

As a result of that, I feel a sense of sadness whenever I mention my ethnicity, seeing that today Iran is a very different country to how it once was; a shining beacon of Islam with great scholars who contributed a lot to Islam. A sharp contrast to today where so called “mullahs” commit disgusting acts in the name of Islam, which in turn has turned so many Iranians away from Islam.

I pray that one day Iranians can come to learn of the true nature of Islam and make a more informed decision when it comes to religion and their overall view of Islam. As Ustadh Nouman Ali
khan advises; have patience and use the best form of Da’wah, not just to people but to your family- that form of Dawah is character.

Today, many Muslims fail to realise that issues such as marriage are not just about completing half of one’s Deen. For most people, it is about carrying the light of Islam through to your family, seeing your elders pass away and being left with the light of Islam. It becomes your duty to carry the torch and pass it on to the next generation, whereas for many brothers and sisters it is more than that. For people who are in a similar situation to mine, marriage is also a means to finally establish Islam in our families and at the same time use it as a means of Da’wah to our families by showing them the happiness and love we share for each other for the sake of Allah. For us, marriage is an effective way of keeping Islam in our family tree, to pass on the true Islam so that when my time comes, my mind can be at ease knowing that my progeny will continue to carry the light of Islam. I pray that the once shining beacon of Islam in Iran will return and remain.



By A.F


  1. e

    assalamo alaykom
    my sister or my brother, A.F.
    I’m an Iranian too. and i say Amen too.
    I really agree with you in all the aspects.
    I’m so Sad too. :(
    true-believers have serious problems here.

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