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Islamique Magazine Online | May 26, 2019

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Madina Al-Munawwarah

Madina Al-Munawwarah

The blessings and rewards of this great journey do not end at Makkah. The resting place of our beloved Prophet, Muhammad (SAW) lies ahead in Madina. While some people visit Madina first and then perform their hajj or ‘umrah, most people go to Madina after Makkah. Whatever one’s choice may be, the advice remains the same for everyone.

Madina, is the city of the Messenger of Allah (SWT), where his blessed body lies. It is extremely virtuous to visit Madina, both to pray at the Prophet’s masjid as well as to visit his grave. Furthermore, the historical significance of Madina is undeniable and there are many places to see that is inspire us to reflect and relate to the events of the Prophet’s time (Seerah).

Ali (RA) says: “We did not, write anything from the Prophet (SAW) except the Quran and what is written in this paper, (wherein) the Prophet said, ‘Madina is a sanctuary from (the mountain of) Air to such-and-such, therefore, whoever innovates (therein) a heresy or commits a sin, or gives shelter to an innovator, will incur the curse of Allah (SWT), the angels and all the people; and none of his compulsory or optional good deeds of worship will be accepted. And the asylum granted by any Muslim is to be honoured by all the Muslims even if it is granted by one of the lowest social status among them. Whoever betrays a Muslim in this regard will incur the Curse of Allah (SWT), the angels and all the people, and his compulsory and optional good deeds of worship will not be accepted…” (Al-Bukhari)

Abu Hurayrah (RA) reported that when the people saw the first fruit (of the season or of plantation) they brought it to Allah (SWT)’s Apostle (SAW). When he received it he said: ‘O Allah (SWT) bless us in our fruits; and bless us in our city… O Allah (SWT), Ibrahim was Thy servant, Thy friend, and Thy Apostle (SAW); and I am Thy servant and Thy Apostle (SAW). He (Ibrahim) made supplication to Thee for (the showering of blessings upon) Makkah, and I am making supplication to Thee for Madina just as he made supplication to Thee for Makkah, and the like of it in addition.’ He would then call to him the youngest child and give him these fruits.  (Muslim)

The Prophet (SAW) said, “A prayer in my masjid is better than a thousand prayers in any other, except al-Masjid al-Haram.” (al-Bukhari)

Under no circumstance must one develop the frame of mind that one is going on vacation or for holiday. This is the chosen city of Allah (SWT) or his Beloved Messenger, which Allah (SWT) made a sanctuary for him. This is the location of the Qur’an’s revelation, where Allah (SWT)  revealed the majority of His commands and where the sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) and the Islamic state was established. Here he lies buried and adjacent to him are his two successors, Abu Bakr and ‘Umar (RA). Here at every step one finds oneself walking in his actual footsteps and those of his blessed companions.

Other Considerations

After the completion of Hajj upon, arriving home. It is normal to invite people to partake in dates and Zamzam. But after that one must not keep reminding people that one has been for Hajj, as this weakens one’s sincerity. One should remember that the Hajj is a duty performed solely for Allah (SWT)’s sake and not to gain the title ‘haji sab’, al-hajj. If such corruption does find way to one’s intention then one must resort to repentance or else one may be be held to account for insincerity and show, which is a form of shirk.

Many pilgrims come home with stories of the problems faced on one’s journey. This in turn they mention to all who care to listen, to such levels that they only mention the hardships and difficulties that they had to face in Hajj. Such negativity will reflect into the minds of others who have not yet been for hajj and impact on their decision. If one were to recollect all of what transpired carefully, the spiritual benefits will definitely outweigh the physical difficulties. This should remain the focus of one’s discussions so as to inspire others.

The journey of Hajj is a spiritual, hence, difficulties faced there are part of one’s spiritual development. Moreover, the pilgrims are rewarded and repeatedly rewarded by Allah (SWT) upon every difficulty encountered on their journey, whereas this reward, whilst undertaking other journeys will not be attained. Thus one should bear with patience.

A ‘mabrur hajj’ (accepted Hajj) is that Hajj which, upon its completion, has a profound and transforming impact on one’s life. Through the blessings and inspiration of hajj, one should become punctual in fulfilling other commandments of Allah (SWT). One’s preparation for the hereafter should increase in earnest. The evidence of an accepted hajj is that one does not violate the commands of Allah (SWT)  after it.


For all those going hajj please remember us and the ummah in your du’as.

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