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Islamique Magazine Online | January 25, 2020

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By May Sulaiman

Life is a mere droplet in the ocean of time.

Too busy chasing the glitter of the Dunya,

But what you thought was glitter-

Was just a collection of dust.

See, this Dunya is deceptive!

Why chase temporary pleasures?

The eternal life that awaits you,

Beyond what you and I could ever conceive.

Strive for success in the Akirah…

For you’ll never win in this Dunya-

Until you detach yourself from it.

I was an outsider.

A stranger in this cruel world

Suffocated by my solitude

Bound to travel this vast road all alone.

How could I have been so ignorant?

When Allah was my companion

My guide through the tumultuous storms

Forgive me for my negligence

Forgive me for my ingratitude

Ya Allah, make me close to you!

Lead me to the righteous path,

Make my heart firm and steadfast.

Please don’t let me go astray-

I don’t want to deviate.

Jannah; the place to which I aspire,

Pious; the quality I sincerely admire,

Prayer; the only substance I require,

Zikr; the words that take you higher,

Emaan; infuse my soul, I need to inspire

Fear; I don’t want to give into desire,

Sin; too much- consequences will be dire,

Death; Allah please save me from hell-fire!


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