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Islamique Magazine Online | November 29, 2020

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Issue 4

Mrs. Curry’s Chicken Vindaloo

June 13, 2012 |

As the cultural exchange in the Islamic world continues, Moroccans now are learning to make curry and Pakistanis are learning to make Harira soup.

I have a sister friend who is Moroccan and her husband loves curry, he … Read More

Hijama: Cure for the Mind, Body and Soul

June 11, 2012 | 1


I did not pass by any group of angels on the night of Al-Isra, unless they said to me, O Muhammad (SAW), tell your Ummah to do Hijama

(Narrated by At-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah)


Hijama‘ is the … Read More

The Night Before the Morning After

June 11, 2012 |


America and Britain in the last 450 years have ascended to be both the leading imperial powers in the world. Britain in its age was unassailable, in the case of America, at its height, was completely unrivalled and was … Read More

When are ‘Good Actions’ No Longer Good?

May 28, 2012 | 1

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim


Allah Most High Says:

“They display to people [their acts of worship]” (Qur’an 4: 142).

The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace) said: Verily, even a little ostentation is shirk (Ibn Maja).

Read More

Let’s Agree to Disagree: Part I

May 28, 2012 | 4

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim


For Muslims in the UK, differences in the way we practise aspects of Islam have now become a fact of life.  When it comes to applying our faith to our lives we do many different things … Read More

Makkah for the rich: Islam’s holiest site ‘turning into Vegas’

May 25, 2012 | 6

Historic and culturally important landmarks are being destroyed to make way for luxury hotels and malls

Behind closed doors – in places where the religious police cannot listen in – residents of Makkah are beginning to refer to their city … Read More

In defence of belief

May 25, 2012 | 10

By Mamnun Khan

A friend recently made a passing comment as we traded views on our way into London for work, that as Muslims, he said, we tend to be so preoccupied about what the colour of the … Read More

The Statement of Justice

May 25, 2012 |


There’s an Arabic phrase that has its roots ascribed to early Muslim piety, if not the Prophet himself. It goes along the lines of, “Allah (SWT) will help the just state even if it is non-Muslim and will not … Read More

What Is Islam’s View On Higher Learning?

May 25, 2012 | 2


UCAS. The word alone reminds many of us of the numerous drafts of Personal Statements, and of the very challenging University interviews we undertook. In the second year of a student’s A-Levels, much time is spent on the … Read More