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Islamique Magazine Online | November 29, 2020

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Issue 12

A year on from Rana Plaza

April 28, 2014 |

By Yasmin Khatun

One year ago on the 24th of April in the outskirts of the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka, the Rana Plaza complex fell to the ground and a year later garment workers still suffer from the ills of … Read More

The Broom Cupboard

April 28, 2014 |

Radio broadcaster Shemiza Rashid talks to us about the broom cupboard, backstreet salwar kameez industry at the heart of the Muslim community here in Britain.

Walking through a dingy alley, I finally made my way towards an unkempt mangled garden. … Read More

UK Sovereign Sukuk Issuance: Prospects and Challenges

April 28, 2014 |

By Mufti Barkatulla, UK based Shari’ah Scholar


After many years of market waiting, UK sovereign Sukuk is back on the agenda. Unlike bonds, which record a debt owned by the issuer to the investor, Sukuk are trust certificates that … Read More

How does one make an ethical garment?

April 28, 2014 |

Designer Zinia talks us through garment production and how the process works.

Ethical clothing is something that is becoming more and more prominent by the day. With an increased number of fashion brands taking notice of its importance, there are … Read More

Fair Trade and Islam

April 28, 2014 |

By Maryam Issadeen


The concept of fair trade has achieved prominence over recent years however a brief look at its core principles shows that fair trade ethics are consistent with the Islamic teachings formed during the time of the … Read More

Living below the line – One year on

April 28, 2014 |

By Samia Aziz, MADE in Europe Charity Supporter

‘Living Below the Line’ is an experience that never leaves you.

Discovering somebody you met recently that has also done the challenge, together you reminisce … Read More

The Human Foot Print

April 28, 2014 |

By Adam Munu


“Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel” [Napoleon Hill]

The last bit of the quote- ‘carbon is to steel’- by Napoleon Hill resonates loudly when one  thinks about one of the … Read More

Getting ‘Tayyib’ with it – Islamic Ethics of a Consumer

April 28, 2014 |

By Munawwara Gani, Sound Heart Clinic

Munawwara Gani looks at what’s tayyib and what’s not, from buying to selling and picking up from a shelf she talks us through the good stuff.


The word ‘Tayyib’ encompasses many meanings relating … Read More