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Islamique Magazine Online | December 13, 2018

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Behind The Veil

Behind The Veil

Behind the veil
There is a sense of oppression
We need a full stop
Like the end of a sentence

The oppressor is you
Who falsely mentions progression
But she feels a liberation
That men cannot question

The media’s attempted attacks
Will never come to phase me
Page one wants the ban
But take a look at page three

They want to attack our religion
But you can’t attack peace
They want to attack our women
But you can’t attack queens

Moderation and modesty
Is what they represent
Peace and submission
Will prevail in the end

You call it liberation
Its the ban you want to see
But I call pure hypocrisy
When you call this country free

You confine us to one corner
With barbed wire on our mouths
But the time to speak is upon us
To speak out and oust the doubts

Behind the veil is justice
Behind the veil is freedom
Behind the veil is beauty
But to see it you have no reason

By Shabbir Hassan

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